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Living Lent is back!

During Lent 2020, we are once again inviting Christians to gather as a community and journey together towards radical change for the climate.

As a global community, we are facing new and significant challenges. How do we respond as Christians? We know that our lifestyles and choices mean we have played a role in damaging creation. But many of us are also desperate to change, as we hope to see creation flourish as God designed. So where do we begin?

We recognise that responding to the climate crisis is not just an activity but a lifestyle. That’s why during Lent we’re inviting you to take the first step by making a positive commitment towards change.

Together, we will each take on one of our six challenges, and in doing so gather together as a dispersed community, to explore the difference personal lifestyle change really makes in response to a global crisis. We will share in daily e-mail reflections, digging deeper into how the Lenten season of questioning and uncertainty might enable us to grapple with the challenges before us. 

What could I do?

As members of the Living Lent community, we will each make a commitment to changing our lifestyle for the climate during Lent. You are invited to choose something that will stretch you.

What do you rely on most? What would be something that would change your daily habits?

As we do so, we will become part of a community who will be making these commitments alongside each other. Through the Living Lent community, we will share in reflections, devotional, practice and creative resources.

Join us, by choosing one of these six commitments:

Could you give up single-use plastic for Lent?

Could you go meat-free for Lent?

Could you commit to finding alternative modes of transport for Lent?

Could you reduce your electricity use by 10% during Lent?

Could you commit to living locally this Lent?

Could you buy nothing new for the whole of Lent?


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