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Earls Barton Methodist Church,  Broad Street, EARLS BARTON, NN6 0ND is in the pastoral care of our Superintendent, Revd Lesley Dinham;  lesleydinham@gmail.com  or 01933 312778 or mobile 07916 751278  

Membership 37    


This church enjoys varied worship styles backed by a weekly Prayer and Share Group. There is a Wives' Group and an Older People's Group. A monthly meal, called 'Good Plate', uses supermarket surplus and is much appreciated. There is a strong ecumenical life in Earls Barton with active involvement in the life of the village. .

The traditional building is well maintained, and is well used by the community. Further modernisation is about to begin led by a determined property group. 


Hope Methodist Church, Linnetts Lane, Higham Ferrers, NN10 8D is in the pastoral care of our Superintendent, Revd Lesley Dinham; lesleydinham@gmail.com or by phone at 01933 312778 or her mobile  07916 751278. 

Membership 86      

See  hope-methodist.church  for details of their activities


The impressive building facing the High Street is obviously not currently in use, but the church has temporary premises on its car park to the rear. They may be wood cabins, but they are very effective and are well used! Energetic fundraising and appeals, plus support from District and Circuit, enables progress towards achieving a major refurbishment and rethink of the former chapel. Plans have been approved by the Planning Dept for approval of the first stage of what will be a very effective base for worship and work in Higham Ferrers. The Phase 1 construction is to start in late summer 2020, with completion before summer 2021. Phase 1 also includes putting steelwork in place to support the redevelopment of the first floor in Phase 2.

The current premises allow varied sytles of worship and there is a morning Junior Church. Bible study and prayer groups continue worship through the week. There is a long established Girl's Brigade company. Friday lunches are popular and attract many regular diners. There is a pre-school children's group. Eccumenical links include support of the Rushden Night Shelter and food bank. Though the premises are only temporary, they are well used, including by community groups.

Tony Packham is organizing this gofundme fundraiser to raise the final amount required to achieve their target.   Donations eligible for Gift Aid.



Irchester Methodist Church      High Street, IRCHESTER, NN29 7AB is in the pastoral care of our Superintendent, Revd Lesley Dinham;  lesleydinham@gmail.com  or by phone at 01933 312778 or by her mobile 07916 751278.  

Membership 42   


Morning and evening services have varied worship styles, with a morning Sunday School. There is a prayer group, a house group and a ladies' fellowship. Each Tuesday a Kids' Bible Club meets. For many years Irchester Methodist has had a strong link with a Ugandan church. Each summer there is a busy week when a Holiday Club is provided.  The premises are well used by community groups.

The premises are well maintained and have been attractively modernised with full access. In 2019, Irchester Methodist Church celebrated its 150th Anniversary. There was a full year of activities including: an evangelical visit by a Cliff College team, a service with the President of Conference, a bible to every house in the village, various choirs, bands, walks, picnics, Desert Island discs, Gardeners Question Time, barn dance, and a special Holiday Club. 


Irthlingborough Methodist Church. College Street, IRTHLINGBOROUGH, NN9 5TU is in the pastoral care of Rev Kim Shorley  rev@theshorleys.co.uk 01933 622137

For activity details see @IrthlingboroughMethodistChurch or    www.irthlingboroughmethodistchurch.co.uk

Membership 37   


The well maintained premises have been extensively up-dated. The striking worship area allows varied worship styles (including Cafe church), and there is a morning Sunday School. Prayer is key to the life here, along with a house bible study group. An active ecumenical life in Irthlingborough supports Christian Aid, Christmas parcels and the local food bank. A Ugandan church is linked to this church. A monthly light lunch is followed by WOW Worship on Wednesday. The worship area is used for 'Little Fishes' and 'Peas in a Pod', when pre-schools and their carers are welcomed. The men and the ladies hold evening get-togethers (but separately). A Community Cinema is organised several times each year in the rear hall. The premises are also used by community groups. There is a church administrator available by email to;  admin@irthlingboroughmethodistchurch.co.uk


Raunds Methodist Church Brook Street, RAUNDS, NN9 6LP is in the pastoral care of Rev Kim Shorley   rev@theshorleys.co.uk   01933 622137

For activity details see @raundsmethodist   www.raundsmethodist.org.uk



To make best and full use of the space in this chapel, the Raunds members are undertaking major works which will enable full access for all abilities to its three floors. Fundraising under the banner 'Rise Up and Build' has begun, and the Circuit has promised a helpful sum towards this much needed modernisation. When this is achieved, there will be enhanced premises for worship and for current and extended youth and community work.

Worship has diverse styles and includes a Junior Church. A bible study group and a Wesley Guild meet regularly. For many years, Raunds people have travelled to Whitechapel Mission to make and serve breakfasts (see Actions). At home they serve a monthly lunch and coffee mornings. 

Safe sanitation is an essential for healthy communities, but we take it for granted. Raunds supports 'Toilet twinning' which is a system bringing effective sanitation where it was lacking. Raunds has opted to be the lead church in the Circuit on ECO matters.

Guides and Scouts meet here and there are other community users, including community films.


Wellingborough Methodist Church Kingsway, Wellingborough NN8 2PD

See    www.wellingboroughmethodist.org.uk

Is in the pastoral care of Revd Kim Shorley;    rev@the shorleys.co.uk     01933 622137

\"\"                  \"\"      

 The new frontage in July 2019                   The previous frontage


The new stained glass windows donated July 2019

Kingsway began as a daughter church of Great Park Street, opening to serve the new Kingsway estate in the 1960s. The GPS premises in the centre of Wellingborough were sold in 2014 and GPS moved to hold their Sunday services in a school. The two fellowships in Wellingborough have now combined, using the Kingsway site, with the new name  WELLINGBOROUGH METHODIST CHURCH.

The sale money from GPS was moved out of the central Methodist holding fund into the local account to be available to refurbish the Kingsway premises. Planning was approved  and work began on Feb 18th 2019. A new entrance, new fully equipped kitchen, sound and projection system, coffee bar area, all ability access,extra parking - a set of premises to serve God and the community. On July 28th 2019, this new fellowship held their Opening Service.

Two different styles of worship are held on most Sundays; Worship at 9.30 and a slightly more traditional style at 10.45. There are worship groups, 3 house groups, 2 fellowship groups and a youth fellowship. Regular coffee mornings offer get-togethers, as do ladies' and gents' nights out. 'Chat 'n sew' brings hands into use, and knitted angels and poppies have been made in huge numbers! There is regular community use of the Kingsway premises.


Wollaston Methodist Church,  High Street, WOLLASTON, NN29 7QQ is in the pastoral care of Rev Kim Shorley   rev@theshorleys.co.uk   01933 622137

Membership 24  


This may look like a traditional chapel on the village street, but it is very well maintained and has been extended and modernised, including a lift, so that the building is fully accessible. Traditional worship is preferred and the church's stated mission is to the elderly. There is a long established Wesley Guild, and also a Women's Own Fellowship. Lunches are served on Thursdays. The churches in Wollaston village have strong ecumenical links. The Nene Valley Circuit Choir meet in the chapel.


Yelden Methodist Church, Spring Lane, YELDEN, MK44 1AT  is in the pastoral care of Rev Kim Shorley   rev@theshorleys.co.uk   01933 622137


Yelden is our smallest chapel and services are held here once a month. Its loyal members are now officially a class of Irthlingborough Methodist and counted in their membership. A bible study group meets regularly. Yelden (or Yielden) is becoming a commuter village, but is thronged for the annual Yelden Strawberry Fair when the Methodists are very active leaders in the event.


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