Circuit Newsletter Sept 2019

Nene Valley Methodist Circuit

Newsletter Sept - November 2019

Happy New Year!!
I know that may seem a little confusing as we are a few months away from January 2020 but for The Methodist Church September marks the start of a new Connexional year.

So I wonder what this New Year will bring us?

If you have already taken the opportunity to read the Summer edition of ‘the connexion’ you will have been introduced the new President, Rev Dr Barbara Glasson and Vice President, Professor Clive Marsh of the Methodist Conference.  They bring to us this New Year a question: ‘So What’s the Story…?’ They ask this question to energise and encourage us to discover, or even re-discover, the importance of stories – biblical, historical and personal.

The theme also links with the Methodist Young People’s forum 3Generate request for 2020 to be a ‘Year of Testimony’.

So what is our story?

Well we have Rev Lesley Dinham as our new Superintendent, and we look forward to hearing more of her own discipleship story.  We have the newly opened Wellingborough Methodist Church.  As you read this magazine you will also read of the new things happening around our circuit as well as the many fellowship groups that are restarting after the summer break.  In our homes we may be hearing the stories of a new school year, or maybe new job opportunities.  We will no doubt also hear stories of new challenges, for example what exactly will happen to the UK after the 31st October?  

Found amongst all of these stories is the opportunity for us to tell our stories of faith, our stories of call, even our stories of struggle.  If you remember the story of John Wesley he went ‘very unwillingly’ to a society in Aldersgate Street in May 1738, and yet his experience, so memorably and vividly expressed in his journal, demonstrates the difference it makes knowing God for ourselves.

Just as John Wesley felt his heart ‘strangely warmed’, we too can be refreshed and inspired by sharing our faith stories with each other.  This is more than just our testimony of how we came to faith, 5 to fifty years ago but about ‘letting the redeemed of the LORD tell their story’ (Psalm 107:2 NIV) of what God is doing in our here and now, in each new encounter of each new day.

When Jesus told stories he did so mostly from real life; he talked about family life and sibling rivalry, his stories featured daily occupations such as sowing seeds, ploughing, doing the housework or making bread.  Knocking on the door of a friend’s house when in trouble, about giving parties and going to weddings, and in these stories Jesus revealed to those who would have ears to listen who God was, what God desired, how God acted, and how they should respond to God. 

We too are being called into sharing these same stories, Jesus’s stories were never dull, they got people talking, thinking and many would have discussed them at length later on so that they found not just an opinion, but they were prompted to ask questions to find the truth.

The stories of God belong to ALL people and should be told by ALL people.  As the great theologian and songwriter Graham Kendrick writes in Shine Jesus Shine “mirrored here, may our lives tell your story”

May we as people, local churches and as a circuit tell the story of a God who is love, who loves us, and now sends us to love others.

Every Blessing    Rev Kim.


A Welcome

Our new Circuit Superintendent, Rev Lesley Dinham, joins us in the Nene Valley Circuit in September, and we welcome her warmly. We look forward to being inspired and encouraged to work for the continued  growth of the kingdom here in our circuit. We hope the Rev Lesley finds working with us in the circuit enjoyable, challenging and spiritually rewarding. Our formal welcome to Rev Lesley,  will be on Sunday, August 30th at 7pm at Wellingborough Methodist Church.

A Farewell 

The Nene Valley Circuit would like to thank the Rev Margaret Eales for all the  hard work she has undertaken within our circuit over the last 5 years and we wish her well as she begins work in her next Circuit, in Cannock. We hope that as she continues to preach God's word she finds challenge, comfort and inspiration. For anyone wishing to write to Rev Margaret , her new address is: The Manse, 60 Queen Street, Burntwood, WS 7 4QH and the telephone number is  01543 682277.



Loving Heavenly Father , we pray for the churches that make up the Nene Valley Methodist Circuit, asking that your Holy Spirit may inspire our worship and lead us into a deeper fellowship:

that we may pass on the teaching of our faith and the traditions of service to new generations;

that within our fellowships there may be found comfort for the sorrowful, strength for the anxious compassion for those who are ill, and concern and love for all.

We pray for other Christian Denominations in this area, for the breaking down of barriers between believers, that in unity we may strive to serve our communities, with commitment, vision and enthusiasm.

Loving Heavenly Father, we pray for those with positions of  responsibility within our local Methodist Churches, for our ministers, our local preachers, our worship leaders, for our teachers, our stewards,  our treasurers,  our pastoral visitors:

for our youth and family workers, for our group leaders, asking that they may find the  resources of faith to equip them for their tasks, and that they may fulfill their calling eagerly, conscientiously and with imagination, remembering that they do not serve themselves, but that they serve You and their fellow Christians.

We ask this prayer in the name of Jesus who is our Lord  and Saviour.                                            



Creation Time September 2019

Over the  next little while, each of the churches in the Nene Valley Methodist Circuit will be celebrating Harvest  Festival. Here are some Bible readings that you may wish to focus on, as part of your own individual celebration. Look at:

Deuteronomy 26:1-11 or Psalm 100 or Philippians 4:4-9 or Revelation 14: 14-18 or John 6:25-35.

A Harvest Prayer

(taken from The Methodist Worship Book Pg 562)

Bountiful God, you entrust your creation to our care.

Grant us grace so to order pour common life that we may use your gifts to your glory for the relief of those in need and for our own well being; through Jesus Christ our Lord.   


God of the harvest, Giver of  grain and good gifts, Everything we have comes from you.

Lord of promise and of plenty, you provide from the seed to the shoot and through to the ripe fruits and pulses. From day to night, from summer to winter, in heat and cold, your promise never fails.

God of the harvest, we dance with the corn and sing with the meadows, bringing you gladly the first fruits of our worship.

God of gift and giving, today we offer you back tokens of your generosity, proof of your provision, laying them on the table in all their rich variety.

We praise you for Jesus, the Bread of Heaven.

For his sake  and through the Spirit who pours out gifts from the fountain of God's grace, we gather to adore our harvest lord.    




We have a Circuit Choir now we need a Circuit Music Group. Those of you at Rev Margaret’s leaving service will have noticed that we’re on the way: musicians and singers from Wellingborough, Earls Barton, and Raunds joined forces to provide the music for this special occasion.
We'd like to do it all again for the Welcome Service for our new superintendent, Rev Lesley Dinham, on 30th August (7:00pm) at Wellingborough Methodist Church. Spread the word in your churches and encourage other musicians and singers to come along and join us. We'll have a practice the night before (at Wellingborough) at 7:30.
I envisage that the Circuit group will be a very fluid and flexible group of musicians - holidays and other commitments will undoubtedly mean we can't all be there all the time - that will just add to the variety. Come when you can and let's get the Circuit working together.

Please let Jane Neild know if you want to be involved.

(   01933 678357)


                           ENCIRCLED IN CARE

Some of you will remember how we shared a training resource with that title.  It was designed for people to explore and enable 'Care' not only by our Pastoral Visitors but by ALL who offer Care in the Church and Community. It was a time when we shared how we ensure that 'everyone is enabled to continue to offer their lives to God.'

Bless you for giving me permission through the Circuit Meeting to concentrate on extending this ministry across the Circuit. I look forward to working alongside all of you to further this aim from September.

Therefore, if you would like me to help you strengthen the Care you already offer or explore new ways of  Caring, then please speak to me or Rev Lesley Dinham or Rev  Kim Shorley.
I am here as a resource so please use me. I don't have all the answers by any means, but working together who knows where God will lead us?

Please contact me by telephoning  01933 – 677424.

Every blessing       Deacon Sylvia



Methodist Modern Art Exhibition, Leicester May 2019

We were met at our first venue by our ‘walking tour guide’ Steve. He proved to be very interesting and knowledgeable about Leicester as we discovered on our journey from venue to venue.

Each of the host churches were very different in architecture, for example: Saint Andrew’s was very much like a ‘railway station’ inside and we learnt that was because it was built by Sir George Gilbert Scott who was also the architect for St. Pancras station. In comparison St. Nicholas Church is the oldest in Leicester and the existing Norman tower replaced the Saxon one. It is also next to the Roman baths and Jewry Wall.

Whilst at Leicester Cathedral we also able to see Richard III’s tomb. We were met by very welcoming people at each of the venues and tried our hand at the activities e.g. grinding flour, Lego building, adding to a ribbon rug, this was in addition to the artwork and refreshments.

The artwork on display was very varied, in terms of size e.g. an engraved woodblock (10 x 8cm) to an oil painting (102x127cm), by using different mediums e g. oil, acrylic, ink, charcoal, water-colour. The artists' work was lovely to look at whist also thought provoking. It was interesting to see how various artists had tackled the same subject in differing ways too.

Some of our favourite paintings were ‘The Empty Tomb’ by Richard Bavin, ‘Pieta’ by Elisabeth Frink, ‘Crucified tree form – the agony’ by Theyre Lee- Elliott, ‘Walking on water’ by Maggi Hambling and ‘Storm over the lake’ by Eularia Clarke.

To choose your favourite visit


News from Earls Barton

We invite you all to join us on Saturday, September14th from 10am to 4pm for our Open Day. This will be the official start of the 20/20 Project, and during the day there will be opportunities to look at the plans for the future, to look at various activities, and to share in some of them. Refreshments will be available throughout the day, and, as well as Radio Northampton being present, we are expecting representatives of both the Borough and local councils. We hope that you will come and share with us as we prepare for the future. Please pray for the ongoing work of God's Church here in Earls Barton, and for the Nene Valley Methodist Circuit.

We meet for Prayer and Share every Tuesday from 10:30am to 12 noon and we continue to look at the Holy Habits from the book by Andrew Roberts. These are proving to be both a challenge and an inspiration to us. A warm invitation is extended to all to come and join us.

As a church, we here at Earls Barton Methodist, enjoy excellent relations with our fellow Christians in Earls Barton and indeed in Ecton, Doddington and Wilby. We have recently welcomed the new vicar, Rev. Jenny Ingram, and we already have plans for future faith ventures.

We are holding a Songs of Praise evening on Sunday October 13th at 5pm and it would be good to have a full church to sing to the Lord. Do join us if you can.

Our Action for Children Christmas Celebration will take place on Saturday December 14th at 6:45pm and we will be joined by The Cordwainers, Earls Barton Primary School Choir and  the Nene Valley Circuit Choir. Tickets are priced at £6 and for children under 12 £3. Tickets available early November. All proceeds to Action for Children Please do join us at the very entertaining concert.


News from Hope

Saturday 21st September Quiz Evening with supper 7pm

Saturday October 19th 7pm Family Beetle Drive with supper

Saturday November 23rd Higham Sparkle Hope Church will serve refreshments throughout the day. 

Further details on all 3 events from Chris on 01933 17719


News from Irthlingborough

We continue to ‘keep busy’, and in common with all the other churches in the Circuit there is always another job waiting to be done.

The Church Annual Picnic took place in July with folk enjoying fellowship, food and fun – fabulous!  Egg and spoon races, tug-o’-war and rounders were amongst the activities keeping young and old, (ages 1yr to mid 80’s) entertained.

The Community Cinema is still proving very popular with recent films including Stan and Ollie, Mary Poppins Returns and Fisherman’s Friends.  The next screening is on Wednesday 11th September at 2pm.  (£5 – pay at the door).  Please watch local press for the title of the film to be screened.

A big thank you to Michael and Karen Ellis for their hospitality at Top Farm and a very enjoyable coffee morning.  This was followed by yet another ‘food event’ – the excellent Raund’s BBQ.  Thank you, Peter, Pam and the team for the fantastic food and welcome.

Back again to Yelden (21/7) to celebrate their Chapel Anniversary. Another warm welcome, (and more food!).

Talking of celebrations …………… We are preparing for the 10 year celebratory weekend of the refurbishment of our chapel.

Saturday 21st September at 7pm Northampton Male Voice Choir Tickets (£10 inc. light refreshments) can be booked by contacting Wendy on 07518 917144 (Tuesday or Friday 9.30 – 11.30am) or alternatively, email Tickets are also available at the September coffee morning and lunch or from church members at Sunday morning worship.

Sunday 22nd September  Morning Worship 10.30am Preacher  Rev Helen Cameron, Chair of District Followed by lunch (must be pre -booked)

Other diary dates:

Saturday 7th September    Carnival Day  Open 10am – 4pm for coffee, teacakes, filled rolls and cake. We thank Jamie Poole for again staging an Art Exhibition featuring local artists. (Don’t forget, the Carnival Parade passes right by our door!) 

Saturday 5th October  Annual Cake Bake and coffee morning.  From 10am.  (Proceeds to charity).

As this year has been quite busy, the decision has been taken not to arrange a special Christmas Festival.  However, we hope to plan and arrange something for Christmas 2020.  The Christmas Coffee Morning will as usual have a Christmas Gift Stall.

Regular monthly coffee mornings and lunches continue on the 1st Saturday (coffee mornings, 10am) and 3rd Wednesday (lunches, 12noon).
For more information and up-to-date news please visit us on Facebook or at irthlingboroughmethodist


News from Wellingborough MC

It has been an exciting time for the congregations of Great Park Street and Kingsway Methodist churches. The Kingsway church building has been refurbished and the two church families have merged to become the new Welling borough Methodist church.

The opening weekend (26th -28th July) was a great success. Starting on the Friday, the church was open from 9:00am - 9:00pm so that the move back in to the church could be underpinned by prayer. Twelve creative prayer stations throughout the building encouraged the participants to consider new beginnings, their role within the church and the church’s role in the community. We are a church not just for Kingsway but for the whole of Wellingborough.

The Bridge (the Friday coffee morning), which has been made very welcome at the Salvation Army during the refurbishment, took place in the foyer area and used the new coffee bar there for the first time.

Our lovely new windows on the front have opened up the building and are our 'shop window' onto the estate. But the “star of the show” throughout the weekend has to be our beautiful new stained glass window – a gift to the church unveiled the previous Sunday – which tells the story of the new Wellingborough Methodist church: 


The poppies remind us of the sacrifice of all those who died to give us the freedom to live and worship freely in this place. They also remind us of the poppies we knitted for the fence last November to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice.

God sent us a rainbow that day: we saw it as confirmation that God has a purpose for us here. The rainbow is also the sign of the Covenant God sent after the flood.

The bluebells in the other corner are a reminder for us that, in May each year, we are blessed with their beauty in many areas of this  county.

The river twists and winds its way through the picture: we belong to the Nene Valley Circuit. As we travel along the river of life, we remind ourselves that God will be with us on our journey.

The kingfisher on the branch is mirrored with the swan – a Wellingborough swan - on the opposite side.

The sunrise reminds that, as each new day dawns, we have a fresh start and new opportunities to seek forgiveness and proclaim God’s love for everyone.

If you haven’t seen it already, please do come along – it’s truly beautiful and Rev Margaret joked that when she preached that first morning no-one heard a word: we were all so busy enjoying the window, basking in its glory and bathing in its peace and serenity.

On Saturday, traditional summer fun (in spite of the damp weather) was enjoyed by people from our sister churches in the Circuit as well as local residents. 1000 leaflets were distributed in the immediate vicinity of the church inviting people to come along and have fun. The majority of the games and the refreshments were all free as a thank you to the people of the area for putting up with the building work over the previous months. Back in May we gave cakes away to passers-by so that we could maintain a presence in the area. Cake, cake and more cake was the order of the day for the weekend.

We were pleased that the Mayor of Wellingborough, Councillor Jo Beirne, was able to join us for our official opening service on Sunday morning. The building, the window and the new piano (given in memory of Florence Nicholson) were all dedicated.

Rev Margaret’s leaving service, attended by representatives from all the churches in our Nene Valley Circuit, friends and family was held during the afternoon and followed by tea (and more cake as well as ice cream). We used every chair in the building - all 120 of them -  amazing! It also saw the first “outing” of a Circuit Music Group – please see the information elsewhere in the magazine if you’d like to be a part of this in the future.

We are really pleased that the Welcome Service for our new Superintendent, Rev Lesley Dinham, will be held in Wellingborough Methodist Church on Friday August 30th at 7:00pm. Please do come and join with us again for yet another special occasion and another chance to look round our beautiful premises.

We were blessed all weekend by the support we received from the Circuit. Many people joined with us in celebrating on all three days and we thank you most sincerely for all the love and prayers that have sustained us through the building work and our move back into the church.

The calling of the Methodist Church is, of course, to respond to the gospel of God's love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission through: worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism. Now our work begins….. in our new home: a flexible space for worship, events, community groups and fun!


News From Wollaston

Saturday September 14th   Coffee Morning from 10:30am for Macmillan. Usual stalls and hot snacks.

Sunday 15th September   Harvest Festival Service at 10:30am conducted by Mr John Hindson of Nottinghamshire.

Monday 16th September   Harvest Supper and Sale 6:30pm. Auctioneer:  Mr David Hudson.

2019 is the  100th year anniversary of Wesley Guild and we shall begin with our Sunday Anniversary on September 29th at 10:30am. This will be conducted by Mr Will Partridge – Underwood of Bromham. Soloist TBC.

There will be a Flower Festival and picture displays during the week, finishing on Saturday October 5th with a Supper and Picture Show by Mr Alan Goodgeer of Bedford.

Saturday October 26th   Senior Citizens' Tea and Concert. Tea at 4pm followed by Entertainment by Mr Graham Kinnersley of Northampton.

Saturday November 9th   Coffee Morning at 10:30am with Hot Snacks and the usual stalls. Proceeds for Church Funds.



The next Circuit Meeting will be on Thursday September 26th at Wellingborough at 7.30

Please note:

The next Faith and Fellowship Newsletter will be due to be delivered to Churches early November.

Please have your contributions (on A5 please and no borders and simple format-No PDF as editing may be necessary)

to Rob Gould: by the end of  October.

Thank you.


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