Circuit Grants for Mission

Nene Valley Circuit Funds for Mission

The Nene Valley Circuit aims to support and enable its churches and Circuit groups in pursuing mission opportunities locally. To assist this challenge, it has created two funds from which local churches or Circuit groups may seek assistance.

1.  The Circuit Mission Grant Fund (CMGF) is intended to provide smaller scale ‘one-off’ grants. Generally CMGF applications should be for mission by its churches or Circuit groups within the following specific categories:.

  • Youth and Children’s work
  • Community development work
  • Outreach to those who do not come to us:
  • Day or Weekend Events which include a community aspect

2.  The Circuit Model Trust Fund Grant (CMTF) is intended to assist proposed projects which will be for a longer term and/or which require greater funding. CMTF applications could be to assist its churches or Circuit groups with projects requiring personnel and/or property to promote mission.

Priorities for CMTF assistance will be in these specific areas of work:

  • Youth and Children’s work within and outside the church, the main focus being to enable YP to experience Christianity in a context they relate to and which will provide building blocks for the future.
  • Community development work creating specific sustainable interaction with the community on church premises in areas where there is clear mission and outreach focus.
  • Work with those who do not come to us; outreach to people of any age who are unchurched or have ceased to engage with any Christian presence; including support for evangelistic enabling work.

Application for Circuit Funds for Mission

Applications will only be considered in advance of the start date of the project. Grants will not be made retrospectively.

First, approach the Circuit Stewards for full particulars of the relevant grant and its application form. Study carefully the conditions for the grant and the detailed information that will be expected to accompany the application.  Return the completed application form and all the required information to the Circuit Leadership Team for consideration. A representative may be asked to attend when this consideration takes place. The CLT will take its recommendation to the Circuit Meeting for a final decision.





































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