Advent Reflections 2020

Wednesday 16th December 2020

The joy of advent for me starts early when I start to rehearse Christmas music.

There is something special about music for Christmas, perhaps because most of it we don’t sing the rest of the year. I enjoy looking again at songs I already know, going over the words and music and singing it in a new way maybe.

So Advent is a time I am Learning and thinking. 

This year is a bit different but I am enjoying joining in with the National Methodist Choir of Great Britain. Not feeling left out and knowing other people are preparing during advent in different places and different countries is a joy.  So why not join me is singing:


1. Ding-dong! Merrily on high          2. E'en so, here below, below,
in heaven the bells are ringing.        let steeple bells be swungen;
Ding-dong! Verily the sky                  and i-o, i-o, i-o,
is riven with angels singing:             by priest and people sungen!
Gloria, hosanna in excelsis!                      Gloria, hosanna in excelsis!


        3. Pray you, dutifully prime

           your matin chime, you ringers;

           may you beautifully rhyme

           your evetime song, you singers:

           Gloria, hosanna in excelsis!

G R Woodward (1848-1934)

Further details of the National Methodist Choir of Great Britain, together with the videos of the hymns and carols they have been performing during lockdown can be found at


(If you look carefully you may even see a few familiar faces from across our circuit)

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