Advent Reflections 2020


Monday 21st December 2020

God became Man
How was Mary going to tell her fiancé that she was pregnant with God’s Son? Imagine the shame if people knew! Joseph obviously loved Mary and trusted her implicitly but it would have seemed a long nine months!

The outhouse of an inn wasn’t the ideal maternity ward but I like to imagine that sense of awe and wonder as the proud parents looked lovingly at their little miracle. That same parental love shown for many babies coming into the world before or since.

The parents would have noted Jesus’ first tooth, his first steps and first words and they were as protective of their treasure as many parents today. They were even prepared to follow their ancestors as they fled their home to become refugees in a foreign land. Life certainly wasn’t easy for the young family.

The baby in the manger was to grow into a man who knew sadness, hunger and loneliness. These same trials are being felt throughout the world today especially during this pandemic.

The main difference is that because of God’s love for mankind he chose to go through the many trials. He therefore has experienced much of our pain.

None of us know what the future holds but we can be assured that the God of Love will always be with us.

Because of His great love for each of us God came into the World as a baby, lived as a man and would still have died on the cross if any of us was the only person on the earth.

Oh, what Wonderful Love!   

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