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     Nene Valley is a circuit of eight congregations in East Northants, south of Corby / Kettering and north of Northampton / Bedford. Oops - a correction - our Yelden chapel is just over the border in Bedfordshire! What were two Wellingborough churches are now one fellowship with the new name, Wellingborough Methodist Church. Their Opening Service in the refurbished building on Kingsway was held on Sunday July 28th.
    We are circuit 23/23 in the Northampton District of UK Methodism which means our churches are organically in connexion with all Methodist churches. But we are also cordially in partnership with others wherever possible. Indeed, our Hope church at Rushden/Higham Ferrers for some time met for worship in the Roman Catholic St Peter's Church Hall, though they moved (Nov 2016) into a new (albeit temporary) 'building' in Higham Ferrers. And our Wellingborough churches met in Park Junior School until their Kingsway premises were ready.
    Our church websites show that we offer support to all ages, individually and in groups, near and far. You will recognise most of the activities listed, but how about "Peas in a Pod", or "Toilet Twinning"? In donations, or via food banks, or by meals provided and shared, we sustain bodily needs. By visiting, by conversation and fellowship, we offer the universal need for company. Above all, by worship, prayer, study and example, we provide nourishing and challenging spiritual 'food' to promote growth towards Christ. In our Manifesto 2020, we set ourselves improvements for the next two years.


    In May 2017 the Circuit offered the 'Encircled in Care' training course for Pastoral Visitors and all who offer care in the Church and Community. Every church was represented. A 7th week was necessary as people wished to discuss whether or not the Circuit should explore 'Dementia Friendly Church', now extended to include mental health issues and inclusiveness. Still in its early stages, this developing ministry is led by Deacon Sylvia Kempson (supernumerary deacon).


    We are a charity, Registered Number 1135896 which is just another of our numerical identifiers! But much more revealing of our faith and mission is the symbolism within our Methodist logo, the Red Orb and White Cross. 

    The meaning behind the logo you will find on the excellent website www.methodist.org.uk which gives a comprehensive introduction to Methodism. There you will find a huge menu of riches: details of our constitution and our mission, our beliefs and our office holders, and also links to what Methodists today are doing about the world's problems such as war,  climate change,  poverty, and migration.  
    We hope you will be able to find the local information you need about the Nene Valley Circuit by clicking on the titles above.



     New Items 

    27th July 2020 

    Greetings Nene Valley Circuit

    Despite the weather this morning, I hope you are all keeping in good spirits.  

    I attach our Circuit Worship for this coming Sunday which has been offered by Rev'd Mike Langstaff.  I take the opportunity to say 'thank you' to all of you who continue to distribute this far and wide.  

    I also take the opportunity of letting you know that our Churches are endeavouring to complete their Risk Assessments in order that we can begin to worship once again in our buildings from 6 September.  Please speak to your Stewards as to how this will work for your Church.  

    We will continue to distribute the weekly Service sheets for those of you who are not able to go to Church, or who do not feel comfortable with the thought of returning to Church. 

    Kim and I will also alternate between us, a zoom service each Sunday evening at 6pm.  This will be a repeat of the morning Service and the Service that is distributed.    

    It's going to be a time of 'taste and see' and I'm sure we're not going to get it right all the time but, we shall do our best to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can.  

    May God bless you and continue to keep you safe.


    Rev'd Lesley Dinham  Superintendent Minister   Nene Valley Circuit

    Tel: 01933 312778 and 07916 751278


    British Airways retires their Boeing  747’s  

    How sad when a much-loved aircraft is deemed to be no longer serviceable.  I say, ‘much loved’ as it is by far the most comfortable long-haul plane that I have travelled in.  But times have changed, and the recent pandemic has resulted in fewer passengers and therefore the 747 is not cost effective.  No doubt, these stalwarts of the skies will be broken up for spares and what’s left will sit with hundreds of other redundant aircraft in the Nevada desert awaiting final destruction for scrap metal.

    I wonder if we could see this as a modern parable?  The inefficient Jumbo giving way to the better suited carriers that are easier to maintain, more efficient and can service a wider population.  As a Church, we are being forced to face up to hard choices.  Do our buildings meet the needs of both our congregations and our communities?  Are there better ways to travel?  Is the Spirit prompting us to consider real fundamental change? 

    I’m sorry if these thoughts upset some readers but consider this.  The Church of Christ has throughout its history has had to respond to a changing world.  This pandemic is another milestone in history, but a milestone that has world-wide implications.  How should e respond?   There is a lovely hymn which proclaims;  (Singing the Faith 415)

    The Church of Christ, in every age

    beset by change but Spirit-led,

    must claim and test its heritage

    and keep on rising from the dead.


    We are called to be a Resurrection people and to quote John Wesley, ‘The best of all, God is with us.’


    The suggested worship for Sunday August 2nd is found in Worship Services   For home use  

    We do have another form of Worship that takes place in the Circuit each week, and is continuing to do so through zoom.  I set out below in explanation, a message from Claire Jennings.    

    Contact was formed over 15 years ago with a passion from a group of people who wanted to explore a different style of worship.  We call it all age but, this title has different connotations these days, and I favour all styles.  All worship should be accessible for all ages. 

    Worship is for 45 mins at 09:30 on Sunday and usually takes the form of singing at the beginning, sharing of Joys & Concerns and an introduction to the theme of the day.  We do this as a quiz, craft activity, team activity etc. The bible reading is shared and then a small talk/presentation is given followed by a response.  This also takes different forms and then we close with a song and a blessing. 

    This description of Contact is the briefest that I can give, but lets you know what is offered.  When we’re at the church building we have an age range from babies to 75+ but, online, if you’ve got zoom – you’re in!

    If you would like to join 'Contact' for their weekly time of Worship please contact Claire.  Her email address is: claire@meadean.com


    This year's Conference reports can be found on our Connexion website      Methodist UK


    26th June 2020    Faith-based aid agencies condemn DFID abolition    See Action on Public Issues UK Political



    An important diary note - the Circuit Day has now been fixed for Saturday March 27th 2021 and will be held at Orlingbury Village Hall, Rectory Lane, NN14 1JH


    February 6th 2020      The latest 3Generate Manifesto is now published  (See in Children and Young People)


    11th November 2019 Real Living Wage Rate increased to MINIMUM of £9.30 per hour. See Impt Circuit Policies


    23rd May 2019 The Time is Now

    Climate justice is the critical moral, spiritual and political challenge of our generation. We are facing a climate emergency. As such we need a step-change in political ambition and commitment. The prophetic voices of faith leaders, standing together across the globe is absolutely vital in setting the moral compass for sustainable change.(See Public Issues Climate Crisis)


    For statements and prayers on the problems in our world, please see the Methodist UK and the JPIT websites and the Public Issues file above. Our concerns and beliefs are firmly expressed by our President and Vice-President - -  but ignored by the media which rarely mention how Methodists feel about current affairs, yet we have been in the forefront of social action for generations.


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