Climate Crisis

The Time is Now

Climate justice is the critical moral, spiritual and political challenge of our generation. We are facing a climate emergency. As such we need a step-change in political ambition and commitment. The prophetic voices of faith leaders, standing together across the globe is absolutely vital in setting the moral compass for sustainable change.

This is a Kairos moment for the churches. We are global organizations that know first-hand from our brothers and sisters the impact climate change is having on the poorest communities of our world. Together we can shape a new relationship with creation that ensures that all can have the fullness of life that Jesus promised.

In the past churches have led the ending of slavery, the dismantling of apartheid and the ending of debt for the world’s poorest countries. If our response to the current crisis is going to match the scale of the challenge, we also need a step-change in the ambition of churches at every level. At this moment of increased political uncertainty, your leadership could not be more significant and over the next months there will be some key opportunities for that to be offered.

On 26th June Christian Aid, as part of the Climate Change Coalition, are organising “The Time is Now” Mass Lobby of Parliament. People from across the country will gather in London to speak directly with their MPs to highlight the need for urgent action. We are asking UK Government to put a net zero greenhouse gases target by 2045 into law, now. We want Christians to be visibly present to witness to our responsibility to all God’s creation. 

In the morning of the lobby Dr Rowan Williams, chair of Christian Aid, will lead a walk of witness from St Martin’s in the Fields to Church House Westminster as part of a morning of ‘faith for the climate’ events. We would like to invite you to join him and other church leaders in leading that march, from 11am at St. Martin in the Fields.

We would also ask that you encourage your congregations to participate so that the faith voice is heard clearly. We have resources to support that if required.

We can no longer hide from the realities of climate change and from the profound injustice of its impact on the world’s poorest people. We need to hear the prophetic voices of hope, who encourage us to imagine a new, restored future and to commit ourselves, with the help of God, to making the vision a reality for all God’s people. Song of the Prophets

I very much hope you will be able to join Dr Williams with other faith leaders. If you can, please let me know and copy in my colleague Sarah Rowe who is leading the walk of witness.

You can register online for the lobby, but if you do so, please connect through this link.

In the meantime, I am happy to provide whatever information or support you might require for the Mass Lobby and subsequent events.

With very best wishes,

Kind regards        Anne Danks         Head of England, Westside and Eastside Regions

T.0121 200 2283  / 07896 681 057

The JPIT October 2018 Newsletter asks
What will it take…
Not just to survive, but to thrive
As Christians, we believe that God doesn’t just promise life, but life in all of its fullness (John 10:10).  We want all of God’s created Kingdom not just to survive, but to thrive. What will it take to make this happen, and to reach the global target of limiting the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees? 
Here are three ways you can begin to make changes, to see the world not just surviving, but thriving.
What will it take personally ? 
Have you thought about swapping the energy you use at home and at church for energy which helps God’s creation to thrive? The Big Switch helps churches and energy users to switch from fossil fuel based energy providers to energy suppliers that use electricity generated from 100% renewable sources such as solar, wind or waterflow. 
Clean energy sources help all of God’s creation to thrive. If we act collectively to show a demand for renewable energy, we can send a clear message to governments to show that Christians are prepared to act for change.  Not only will this dramatically decrease our use of fossil fuels, but it will also provide investment into clean energy technologies. This will help to make clean energy sources more accessible to consumers all over the world. 
Find out more, including energy providers and the difference you can make, at
 What can we do as a church ? 
Is your church an Eco Church? Eco Church is a programme to help your church celebrate what it’s already doing to care for the environment and decide what to tackle next. Care for all of God’s creation is an integral part of loving our neighbours and following God faithfully, and Eco Church can help you make this central to your worship.
Signing up to Eco Church can help you think about your worship and teaching, how you engage with your local community, the personal lifestyles of your congregation and how you look after your buildings and land.  An easy online survey will help you see if your church already qualifies for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Eco Church award, and what you can do to reach the next level. 
Find support, stories and the opportunity to sign up at  If you’re in Scotland, have a look at 
What can we do nationally ? 
We need to set national targets if we want to see the temperature rise capped to 1.5 degrees. If we want to see the world thrive, we need to put pressure on our governments to make bolder, braver commitments. 
Ten years ago, MPs committed to passing a game-changing law: The Climate Change Act. However, ten years on, we have to be going much further if we are going to see our world thriving. We need to set a target of net zero well before 2050, which means only producing the same amount of greenhouse gases as we absorb. 
A group of MPs have already come together to ask for this in a cross-party letter. But to make real change, we need more MPs to sign up. 
Add your name to joint letters to your MPs asking them to become a hero for zero here:  Alternatively, set up a meeting with your MP, and talk about how they can be a Hero for Zero.
Find resources and help at

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