Mission activities in our churches

 Mission activities in our churches

Do we know Jesus deeply enough?   Not yet.    

Do we spread the knowledge of Jesus widely and enthusiastically?   Errrm - not really.   

As Jesus' hands and voice, do we care for our neighbours and the world  willingly enough?   Well - we're trying!.

Worship, prayer, bible study, teaching, growing, training, speaking, being an example, correcting. These are the basics of our mission - week in, week out - deepening our faith and developing new followers of Jesus.

A welcome, a conversation, a handshake, a smile, a helping hand, a phone call, a lift in the car, a shared meal -- examples of  person to person actions that we both give and welcome. Given by one person, it raises a happy note, but coming from a hundred people, such actions swell to a happiness oratorio.

These individual acts of mission are expected of a Christian, but the church as an organised group of Christians can attempt more orchestrated, more powerful mission. For example:

Earls Barton with partner churches gave out the Scripture Union booklet 'It's Your Move' to all Year Six in the local school.

Money is raised for Christian Aid,  for Action for Children, for Methodist Homes. There is help for clean water and toilets. Parcels are produced at Christmas. We encourage Fair Trade and protection of our planet. And more. (We don't have a total but it must be big.)

We provide time, space and activities for toddlers, infants, children and young people - and our Circuit Young People and Families worker is there to offer advice and support to our volunteers. By helping youngsters, we help their families.

We welcome newcomers, and provide help to adults and families in material need.

Visiting the lonely, ill and bereaved, being alongside people in distress and supporting their carers - these have always been central. Now we have a developing mission in the Circuit to ensure that everyone is included - with shared time,  activities and worship that is available and accessible for all, no matter what the dificulty.

And everything we do has a Safeguarding oversight to protect children and anyone who is vulnerable.

Our Mission score? "Could do better" - but certainly not ZERO.



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