Young People and Families Worker

           A Worker with Young People and Families



With our Young People and Families Worker, Rachel Lawrence, now working around the Circuit, we have an exciting opportunity to grow and improve our work with young people and families.

 If you would like support for a project that you are already involved in, or have new ideas you would like to see happen, then please get in touch with Rachel. She would love to meet up with you and talk about what God wants to do for the young people and families in your church and your community.

             Contact Rachel on 07305 893449 or

Our specialist Young People and Families Worker will have the time, passion and professionalism:

❖ To provide strategic direction to our Circuit churches enabling them to take Christ into the lives of the young people and families in this area with striking ideas and enthusiasm.

❖ To develop outreach mission and support to these families, on or off our premises. Seeking the ‘missing generation’.

❖ To strengthen links for our young people within the Circuit, and to other local and national Christian activities.

❖ To offer leadership, encouragement and support to existing and new volunteers.



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